NFL Week 2 AFC East Preview: ‘Wasn’t That Last Week The Miami Dolphins Beat The New England Patriots, The Patriots Beat Themselves,’ Says CBS Boston’s Steve Burton

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(CBS New York) — It was pugnacious sledding for astir of the AFC East successful week 1 of the 2021 NFL season, arsenic the New York Jets, Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots each opened up the play with losses. The Miami Dolphins are presently atop the part standings astatine 1-0, earning that spot with a 17-16 triumph implicit the Patriots successful Mac Jones’ rookie debut.

This week, each 4 teams successful the part spell head-to-head arsenic the Jets big New England astatine MetLife Stadium and the Bills question down to Miami to instrumentality connected the Dolphins. Transition was the keyword for this radical of teams each passim the offseason, arsenic the Jets and Patriots each commencement a rookie quarterback, the Dolphins rotation with second-year awesome caller Tua Tagovailoa, and the Bills look to marque their archetypal AFC East rubric defence since 1995.

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Week 2 figures to supply a bully measuring instrumentality for each 4 teams to spot however each squad’s modulation is going aboriginal connected successful 2021. CBS Boston sports manager Steve Burton ran done some divisional matchups with CBS Local’s Katie Johnston up of week two.

All times listed are Eastern.

New England Patriots @ New York Jets, Sunday, September 19 @ 1:00 p.m.

When the Jets and Patriots instrumentality to the tract astatine MetLife Stadium this Sunday, it volition beryllium the 2 teams’ 125th matchup each time. The Patriots person gotten the amended of the rivalry frankincense far, with 69 wins compared to the Jets’ 54, with 1 necktie mixed in. This week 2 matchup volition supply thing the rivalry has ne'er seen before, arsenic some teams commencement rookie quarterbacks.

For the Jets, Zach Wilson’s archetypal crippled was a mixed bag. Wilson started conscionable 6-16 for 84 yards with an interception successful the archetypal fractional of past week’s opener successful Carolina. The 2nd fractional was overmuch better, arsenic the violative enactment started to springiness the BYU merchandise clip to operate, and helium went 14-21 for 174 yards, 2 touchdowns and nary turnovers aft halftime. Another first-year Jet besides contributed successful a large mode during the 2nd half. Corey Davis was connected the receiving extremity for some of Wilson’s touchdown throws.

Defensively the Jets besides recovered their footing successful the 2nd fractional against the Panthers. Carolina jumped retired to an aboriginal 16-0 pb successful the archetypal fractional but was held to conscionable 3 aft halftime. With six-time Super Bowl-winning caput manager Bill Belichick coming to town, Gang Green volition request to get disconnected to a faster commencement to travel distant with a victory.

For New England, the Patriots mislaid 2 fumbles and were assessed implicit 80 yards successful penalties against the Dolphins successful week one. If Belichick and institution are going to adhd 1 to the triumph file this week those issues cannot go a inclination according to Burton.

“There’s 2 things the Patriots person to spell implicit this week — penalties and shot security,” Burton said. “One of the guys who fumbled the ball, Damien Harris, he’s been walking astir each summertime with a shot attached to his hand; truthful helium knows better. Then there’s a rookie moving backmost Rhamondre Stevenson who fumbled the shot arsenic well. Turnovers killed the Patriots, they had 4 fumbles and 2 wherever they mislaid the shot each together. Then there’s the penalties, they were penalized 8 times for 84 yards. That is truthful unpatriotic erstwhile it comes to Bill Belichick teams.”

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While determination was plentifulness to dissect successful week one, Burton did travel distant precise impressed with the show of rookie backmost Mac Jones, saying, “You cannot blasted this nonaccomplishment connected Mac Jones, helium went supra and beyond, completed 74 percent of his passes. He was beauteous overmuch lights retired and spot connected for the astir part.”

As for his prediction heading into the game, Massachusetts’ ain is sticking with his location municipality team. “I deliberation it’s going to beryllium each New England, due to the fact that they had a small sensation of humble pie,” Burton said. “The Patriots person a beardown core, and they should beryllium 1-0. It wasn’t that past week the Miami Dolphins bushed the New England Patriots, the Patriots bushed themselves. And truthful they cognize going into this week they can’t spend to fto that hap successful MetLife Stadium. It’s a concern travel for them, they cognize what they person to do. They cognize they’re a amended squad than the New York Jets. And the Jets are coming disconnected a nonaccomplishment arsenic well.”

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Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins, Sunday, September 19 @ 1:00 p.m.

For the different fractional of the AFC East showdown this weekend, we look astatine reigning AFC East champion Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins. At conscionable 25-years-old, Josh Allen finds himself arsenic the elder statesmen erstwhile it comes to quarterbacks successful the East, with Miami’s Tua Tagovailoa the 2nd oldest astatine 23-years-of-age.

Miami is coming disconnected a large triumph implicit the Patriots successful week 1 that saw the Dolphins flight a nail-biter by forcing a fumble heavy successful their ain territory to seal the crippled successful the 4th quarter. Xavien Howard, a 2020 first-team All-Pro, was the 1 who ripped the shot retired of Damien Harris’s hands to adjacent retired the contest. Miami’s bend-but-don’t-break defence was the communicative of the afternoon, arsenic they allowed 393 yards of discourtesy but lone 1 touchdown. On discourtesy the Dolphins accounted for conscionable 276 yards but were capable to punch the shot into the extremity portion twice; erstwhile via Tagovailos’ feet and erstwhile with his arm.

The Bills discourtesy besides struggled to get things going past week arsenic their lone touchdown came connected a walk from Josh Allen to Gabriel Davis successful the 2nd quarter. Despite going into halftime with a 10-0 lead, Buffalo elected to travel retired throwing alternatively than tally and drain timepiece successful the 2nd half. Overall, Allen threw 51 times past weekend, with lone 25 rushing attempts by the Bills arsenic a team. The Bills defence wore down precocious successful the crippled and allowed 17 fourth-quarter points, which made each the quality successful a 23-16 last score.

“Nobody was expecting that,” Burton said. “Josh Allen, backmost of the Buffalo Bills conscionable underperformed. Here’s a feline that everybody’s expecting large things from, helium signed a immense contract. He’s astir apt 1 of the apical quarterbacks successful the nationalist shot league, and helium laid an egg.”

When it comes to this week’s contest, Burton has precocious hopes for a bounceback from Allen saying, “I don’t expect him to laic 2 eggs successful a row.” Despite precocious expectations for Buffalo’s fourth-year QB Burton, expects a choky 1 successful South Beach for week two.

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“The Miami Dolphins are a bully shot team, don’t underestimate them. Obviously they’re the lone ones with a triumph close now, erstwhile it comes to the AFC East. But I deliberation the Buffalo Bills are a amended team. Now the Buffalo Bills person to question to Miami, sometimes it’s tougher to triumph successful Miami. But I deliberation the Bills are a amended shot squad than the Dolphins. And the Dolphins are rolling close now, adjacent though this volition beryllium lone crippled 2 of the season.”

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