NRL admits crucial penalty 'miss' robbed Eels

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NRL's caput of shot Graham Annesley has conceded Parramatta was robbed of a important punishment during Saturday's thrilling two-point semi-final nonaccomplishment to Penrith successful Mackay.

The people was locked astatine 8-6 successful the Panthers' vantage and the Eels were desperately searching for points to support their premiership imagination live erstwhile the match-defining incidental played out.

With small much than 12 minutes near connected the clock, Parramatta shifted the shot near to find winger Blake Ferguson, who sprinted down the sideline earlier putting done a grubber kick, which was cleaned up by scrambling Penrith defenders.

In the aftermath of the game, though, imaginativeness emerged of Eels halfback Mitchell Moses being illegally obstructed arsenic helium tried to tally successful enactment of Ferguson. Moses would person been an other Eels subordinate astatine the escaped shot if not for Penrith playmaker Jarome Luai tugging connected his shoulder, knocking him disconnected his run.

"They commencement jostling each other... but it gets to a constituent wherever Luai grabs Moses by the enarthrosis and tips him disconnected balance," Annesley said successful his play property briefing.

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"In this lawsuit this should person been a penalty."

If the foul was spotted astatine the time, the Eels would person had the enactment to footwear for 2 points to level the score, oregon pat the shot and proceed attacking the bushed Penrith defence.

Annesley said it was an mistake made by the sideline official, not by main referee Ashley Klein oregon anyone successful the video reappraisal bunker.

"Every play is simply a important play. This is simply a miss by the interaction justice successful this case. As agelong arsenic I've been progressive successful the crippled back-play is the realm of the interaction judge," Annesley said.

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"It's a miss, there's nary question astir that. It should person been picked up. But successful this lawsuit it wasn't.

"The bunker can't intervene connected wide play. The lone mode the bunker could regularisation connected this would beryllium if determination was a tryscoring concern and the referee referred it to the bunker," helium said.

"Because the play doesn't interruption down, it continues, it's not thing the bunker tin intervene on."

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Annesley besides spoke astir a fig of different contentious decisions made during the frantic and enthralling semi-final.

Both teams scored conscionable 1 try, and yet it was a Nathan Cleary punishment extremity which proved the quality astatine afloat time.

That punishment came successful the archetypal fractional and was awarded to the Panthers erstwhile Liam Martin was ruled to person been deed precocious by Eels tackler Will Smith.

Slow replays had galore viewers convinced Smith did not marque precocious interaction with the Panthers forward, but Annesley disagreed.

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"We tin spot the limb travel up, and the forearm hits conscionable nether the chin," Annesley said.

"You tin spot the interaction connected the chin from the arm. You'll spot the look contort otherwise arsenic the interaction is made.

"It's travel from underneath but it's deed him connected the chin and I deliberation by immoderate modular that's a penalty."

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