Ohio Supreme Court Strikes Down Gerrymandered GOP Map For Partisan Bias

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The Ohio Supreme Court has struck down the state’s gerrymandered U.S. Congressional districts representation for partisan bias.

The ACLU announced the triumph successful a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

 The Supreme Court of Ohio issued a 4-3 ruling contiguous successful the American Civil Liberties Union’s suit challenging Ohio’s U.S. legislature territory map, ordering the Republican-controlled Ohio General Assembly to gully a caller representation that complies with the Ohio Constitution.

Now, Ohio lawmakers volition beryllium sent backmost to the drafting committee to trade a caller representation wrong 30 days. If they can’t find a solution, the Ohio Redistricting Commission volition person 30 days to bash so.

Oral arguments successful this lawsuit occurred connected December 28, 2021. The filing deadline for candidates seeking legislature seats is March 4, 2022, and the superior predetermination is acceptable for May 3, 2022.

Republicans person a period to gully a morganatic representation that complies with the law amendment connected just maps that was passed by Ohio voters. Republicans were sued months agone for their gerrymandered map, arsenic the representation was a wide usurpation of the state’s constitution.

The ruling is simply a important triumph for democracy, but Ohio is conscionable 1 of galore states wherever voting rights advocates are attempting to clasp disconnected utmost Republican gerrymandering efforts.

While the near is warring to support voting rights, the different governmental conflict being waged is to halt the utmost gerrymandering of elections.

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