Older Xbox controllers get better Bluetooth support for iOS and more

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(Pocket-lint) - Xbox has pushed a controller update for older gamepads that adds amended wireless connectivity, particularly erstwhile utilized with devices different than Xbox consoles.

Available to those connected the Xbox Insiders programme initially, the update is for the Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth enactment (ie. the ones released aft the Xbox One S came out), the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, and the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

It fundamentally brings them up-to-date with features recovered successful the latest Xbox Wireless Controllers for Xbox Series X/S.

That includes enactment for Bluetooth Low Latency - a modular that reduces lag erstwhile connected to a Bluetooth device, specified arsenic an iPhone, Android handset oregon Nvidia Shield TV.

Cross-device connectivity has besides been improved, with the controllers present susceptible of remembering 1 Bluetooth transportation and 1 Xbox console implicit nonstop wireless. Previously, you person to repair with idiosyncratic devices and past your Xbox each time.

The controllers besides get Dynamic Latency Input support, which improves the latency betwixt the pad and an Xbox console. This is already utlised by Xbox Series X/S controllers. It should mean an older Xbox One controller volition enactment amended with your next-gen Xbox.

"We are excited to bring caller bundle features to Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth support, Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, and Xbox Adaptive Controllers that were antecedently disposable lone connected adjacent gen Xbox Series X|S controllers. The firmware update is disposable to Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha users today, and volition beryllium disposable to further formation rings successful the weeks to come," said Xbox connected its blog.

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