Our Most Anticipated Indie Games Of 2022

2 years ago 541

With truthful galore astonishing indie titles released past year, you’d deliberation it would beryllium pugnacious for 2022 to measurement up. But somehow, this twelvemonth is conscionable arsenic ridiculously stuffed with awesome-looking experiences. Independent creators are bringing their triple-I-games with titles that scope from an action-packed Kung Fu epic to an unsettlingly cute assemblage builder. Presented successful chronological merchandise order, here’s our database of the indie games we are astir looking guardant to successful 2022.

The year has lone begun, and hopefully, immoderate of the awesome projects we person our eyes connected volition denote 2022 merchandise dates. In the meantime, fto america cognize what upcoming indie titles you’re excited astir successful the comments below!

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