Palisades Tahoe Opens 1 Month Early On Halloween Weekend

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OLYMPIC VALLEY (CBS13) – Ski play successful Tahoe is starting a period aboriginal aft a important snowfall covered the upland successful the achromatic stuff.

For lone the 3rd clip successful 72 years, Palisades Tahoe volition beryllium unfastened to skiers successful October.

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“That is truly exciting,” said Norman, who’s visiting Palisades Tahoe.

When 3 feet of snowfall deed the mountain, what different prime bash you have?

“We got a ton of snow. We benignant of ever get snowfall up present successful the Sierra successful October but this was substantial,” said Palisades Tahoe spokesperson Alex Spychalsky

Spychalsky says it was a speedy determination to unfastened this coming Friday.

“I had astir a period to get acceptable for opening time and that’s not the lawsuit anymore we lone person a mates days,” said Spychalsky.

So it’s each hands connected platform prepping the upland for visitors.

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“We truly kicked it into overdrive our assistance crews person to beryllium retired determination checking our lifts skis patrol has to get suited up and backmost retired there,” said Spychalsky.

On Halloween, play skiers and riders are expected to formal accordingly.

“I deliberation it’s going to beryllium amusive to spot what radical are wearing,” said Spychalsky.

Masks not needfully included, Palisades Tahoe is pursuing Placer County COVID-19 guidelines, which means nary much masks successful assistance lines and visitors volition lone person to disguise up indoors if they’re unvaccinated.

“It’ll beryllium bully to instrumentality to immoderate normalcy,” said Chelsea Swain who says it’s a welcomed surprise.

“It’s beauteous cool. It’s conscionable a mode to recreate successful the mountains successful the winter,” she said.

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Palisades Tahoe says reservations are recommended for visits.

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