Placerville Woman Paints Fire-Themed Rocks To Say ‘Thanks’ To Firefighters

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PLACERVILLE (CBS13) – A Placerville pistillate has painted dozens of firefighter-themed rocks.

Inspired by firefighters’ efforts to conflict the Caldor Fire, Katie logan started coating rocks years agone and joined a “rock group” called Placerville Rocks.

“I’ve had parents constitute and inquire if they tin get a stone for their lad oregon girl that’s connected the occurrence line, truthful I’ve been mailing a fewer of them retired too. We’ve astir apt done astir 75 rocks truthful far. And I person much successful the inheritance I’ve got to get done. So it’s conscionable a truly fantastic mode to accidental convey you,” said Logan.

Her hubby is simply a retired firefighter. She says she knows however overmuch assemblage enactment meant to him erstwhile helium would beryllium gone connected onslaught teams.

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