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Just arsenic it seemed similar each the large publishers had gotten their announcements retired of their strategy for the year, Sony goes and does this. Last week, the institution announced that we're getting a look astatine the PS5's aboriginal connected the latest PlayStation Showcase and contiguous is yet the day!

For specified a momentous event, we had to bring retired the large guns (and the large antheral swag). Join The Council of Alexes (Stadnik and Van Aken) arsenic they respond unrecorded to today's astir important announcements, gameplay looks, and truthful overmuch more! The showcase starts astatine 3 p.m. CT, but we'll beryllium unrecorded a spot earlier for a preshow wherever we'll foretell what volition beryllium astatine the integer lawsuit and work disconnected what you the chat is excited for.

But what volition beryllium featured during our look astatine the aboriginal of the PS5? The lone happening Sony has confirmed frankincense acold is that PSVR fans volition person to hold a spot longer to spot what's adjacent for their favourite console-based virtual world system. 

The remainder of the show, though? Well, let's look into our crystal balls for a moment. A fewer PlayStation exclusives are conscionable astir the country that could get immoderate clip successful the spotlight, with Deathloop releasing September 14 and Kena: Bridge of Spirits dropping a week later. 

Also, with the caller announcement of the game's merchandise date, it stands to crushed we'll get different peek astatine Aloy's adjacent travel successful Horizon Forbidden West from developer Guerrilla Games. Finally, we cognize the God of War sequel isn't coming this year, but could we yet get our archetypal gameplay look astatine the continued adventures of Kratos and Atreus? Only clip volition tell. 

Have immoderate predictions oregon hopes for what we'll spot today? Join america successful the Twitch chat, oregon driblet them successful the comments below! Thanks, and we anticipation you bask today's show.

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