Potential foldable Pixel codenamed Jumbojack pops up in code

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(Pocket-lint) - Details astir a 2nd folding Pixel instrumentality person been uncovered successful the details for aboriginal Android versions, specifically a mid-cycle bundle update which could adhd features for folding phones.

We've agelong been proceeding astir Google's enactment connected a folding telephone going nether the codename Passport. That's ever thought to beryllium a instrumentality akin to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold. Although there's been small confirmed, different than the Passport codename appearing from clip to time, we've built up rather a representation of that device.

The Jumbojack could perchance beryllium a 2nd folding device. Based connected information gathered by 9to5Google, Jumbojack has appeared successful documentation before, with 9to5Google speculating that the sanction mightiness notation to Jack successful the Box cheeseburgers.

That successful itself could beryllium a hint astatine design, with the hamburger much similar the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - truthful this mightiness beryllium a antithetic format to the Passport instrumentality we'd antecedently been tracking.

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For details successful the codification suggest that determination volition beryllium enactment for a fig of antithetic surface positions, with split-screen functionality, thing that Samsung has pushed successful its folding phones.

The emergence of a caller folding telephone shouldn't travel arsenic a surprise. Technology companies often person a fig of experimental devices and with the maturation of folding phones, there's going to beryllium a wide scope of prototypes and notation devices successful circulation - with nary confirmation that immoderate of these volition really launch.

On the 1 hand, Google could beryllium moving connected its line-up of merchandise devices, connected the other, it could conscionable beryllium utilizing a assortment of devices to refine Android to enactment devices coming from different manufacturers.

What we cognize for definite is that Google volition beryllium announcing the Pixel 6 household soon. Whether we'll spot a foray into folding phones astatine the aforesaid clip remains unknown. To america it seems improbable - though a folding Pixel instrumentality was primitively rumoured for a Q4 2021 debut, the deficiency of factual leaks suggests this is unlikely.    

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published connected 20 September 2021.

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