PS5 gets BBC iPlayer app at last

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(Pocket-lint) - The BBC has yet made iPlayer disposable connected the PlayStation 5.

A unusual omission astatine the console's motorboat past twelvemonth - arsenic it was already disposable connected PS4 - the caller BBC iPlayer app is present listed successful the All Apps conception of the Media tab connected the homepage.

It means UK PS5 owners tin present ticker BBC contented connected their machines, arsenic good arsenic Channel 4's connected the All 4 app. The ITV Hub and My5 are inactive yet to appear, however.

The PS5 is gradually improving arsenic a media player, with BT Sport, WWE Network, Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Now, TV from Sky, Pluto TV and DAZN apps besides available. There's inactive a agelong mode to spell earlier it tin lucifer the fig of services connected Xbox though.

The BBC iPlayer app presently offers the older idiosyncratic interface, alternatively than the latest, redesigned experience - but we ideate that'll alteration successful time. It is besides UHD-ready, truthful you tin ticker contented successful 4K and HDR (HLG) erstwhile available.

"We’re ever moving to marque iPlayer disposable crossed arsenic galore platforms arsenic we can, and we’re delighted to adhd the PS5 to the 15,000+ devices wherever BBC iPlayer is already available," said the Beeb's caput of merchandise for iPlayer, Neil Hall.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 30 November 2021.

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