PUBG is getting a casual mode with the latest update

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(Pocket-lint) - PUBG: Battlegrounds is getting an update with a fig of caller additions that see a caller weapon, a caller Survivor Pass and a casual mode. 

PUBG Studios has announced that the update is already retired connected PC and coming to consoles connected 16 September. Included successful the spot (13.2) are a fig of changes to the crippled with caller additions including a P90 submachine weapon included successful Care Packages dropped connected each maps. There's besides a caller throwable - the Blue Zone grenade - which erstwhile tossed does 10 harm per 2nd to immoderate unfortunate psyche unlucky capable to beryllium successful its radius. 

There's a caller conveyance excessively successful the signifier of the Porter Hyundai pick-up truck. You'll lone find it successful the Taego representation and it volition regenerate the UAZ, but it volition clasp 4 radical and tin beryllium utilized to store items for transport. Just don't fto it get blown up oregon you'll suffer each your loot. 

Casual Mode

Perhaps the astir absorbing alteration though is the summation of a Casual Mode. This mode allows players to lukewarm up extracurricular of the modular crippled mode. In Casual Mode, you tin inactive gain XP and BP rewards portion playing with a max of 12 players. 

Causal Mode takes spot connected the Erangel map, lone successful the third-person position and you tin lone play 3 matches of it per time solo oregon with a team. 

But determination is enactment for:

  • Career: Stats/Match History/Medals/Survival/Weapons/Replays
  • Pass Mission
  • Event Mission
  • BattleStats
  • BP Rewards
  • XP Rewards
  • Spectating

Plenty to support PUBG interesting! Be definite to checkout the spot notes to find retired much astir the different changes. 

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