Quantum news: IonQ and Accenture announce partnership and a startup uses diamonds as qubits

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Quantum computing moves farther into the mainstream with planetary consulting woody and caller hardware that could beryllium successful a server room.


Quantum computing is accelerating adjacent faster arsenic with a caller consulting concern and caller hardware plan that tin enactment successful mean conditions. Accenture and IonQ announced this week a caller concern to bring quantum computing to the consulting company's clients astir the world. Meanwhile, successful Australia, Quantum Brilliance plans to usage $9.7 cardinal successful effect backing to determination quantum computing retired of custom-built environments and into server rooms. 

These developments volition marque quantum computing much of a world for much businesses some successful presumption of applicable applications of the exertion and the quality to instrumentality it.

The program for the caller consulting woody is to assistance businesses experimentation with quantum solutions for mission-critical concern problems.

"Quantum computing volition make unprecedented opportunities, and we privation Accenture clients to beryllium acceptable to prehend them," Marc Carrel-Billiard, elder managing manager and Technology Innovation pb astatine Accenture, said successful a property release.  

"IonQ's systems tin play a captious relation successful enactment of a company's quantum journey, and we privation to assistance our clients experimentation with quantum and recognize however it could perchance interaction their business, arsenic good arsenic their broader industry," Carrel-Billiard added.

IonQ CEO and president Peter Chapman said successful a property merchandise that Accenture is simply a close spouse to assistance accelerate a quantum future.

"The quantum computing gyration volition reshape industries from apical to bottom, and it's imperative that businesses hole for it now," Chapman said. 

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IonQ and the University of Maryland besides announced a caller quantum laboratory astatine the university. Scientists and students volition person hands-on entree to a commercial-grade quantum machine arsenic portion of the university's $300 cardinal concern successful quantum science.

Diamonds and quantum computing

IonQ is not the lone quantum institution successful the quality lately. A quantum startup based successful Germany and Australia announced it has raised $9.7 cardinal successful effect backing to grow its usage of synthetic diamonds arsenic qubits. Quantum Brilliance besides conscionable hired Mark Mattingley-Scott, a 30-year seasoned of IBM, to tally concern improvement operations successful Europe. 

Andrew Horsley, Marcus Doherty and Mark Luo founded the institution based connected probe from the Australian National University.  The founders plan to usage the funds to summation the powerfulness of quantum computers, trim the size of the machines and show the applicable applications of the technology.  

The institution launched its Gen 1 accelerator earlier this twelvemonth and is designed to beryllium deployed successful clusters. According to the company, large-scale, interconnected quantum accelerators volition beryllium capable to analyse analyzable systems of systems specified arsenic molecular dynamics.

Quantum Brilliance is taking a antithetic attack to creating qubits by utilizing synthetic diamonds to miniaturize quantum computers. The 2 astir communal approaches to quantum computing are superconducting transmon qubits and trapped-ion technology. 

The company's plan uses a defect successful synthetic diamonds that results successful a missing c atom with a rogue nitrogen atom located nearby. These "nitrogen-vacancy centers" service arsenic qubits.  This plan means the machines tin tally astatine country somesthesia successful immoderate situation from a information halfway to a car. This is simply a chiseled quality from quantum computers from IBM and different manufacture leaders, which necessitate specialized environments to operate.

Quantum Brilliance has an borderline successful signifier origin but has immoderate enactment to bash to drawback up successful performance. The gross speeds are slower than superconducting qubits but faster than trapped ions. The coherence of diamond qubits is little than trapped ion qubits. The institution is gathering quantum accelerators which person 2 qubits, compared to different systems that person galore more.

In July, Pan Jianwei, a physicist astatine the University of Science and Technology of China successful Hefei revealed a 66-qubit quantum machine called Zuchongzhi. His paper has not been peer-reviewed yet but helium claims the machine completed a task considered a benchmark of quantum show successful 70 minutes. That could beryllium a caller milestone successful quantum supremacy beyond the advance Google claimed successful 2019 with its 53-qubit Sycamore computer

Honeywell announced a 64-qubit machine past year. D-Wave announced a 5,000-qubit machine past autumn also. 

IBM has a 5-qubit Quantum Canary processor and a 27-qubit Quantum Falcon processor. The company's roadmap includes a 127-qubit machine by the extremity of this year. 

Rigetti Computing has its ain attack arsenic well: linking aggregate chips unneurotic to boost the wide qubit count. The company's roadmap aims to deed an 80-qubit machine by the extremity of this year. 

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