Rep. Jamie Raskin Warns That The GOP Is Acting Like A Religious Cult

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Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said that America nary longer has 2 governmental parties due to the fact that Republicans are acting similar a governmental and spiritual cult of personality.


CNN’s Jim Acosta asked Rep. Raskin however disquieted helium is astir our democracy.

Rep. Raskin answered:

Well, we’re successful the combat of our lives. And helium continues to propound his big lie, and everything flows from his large lie. It’s shocking that 1 of America’s large political parties, the 1 founded by Abraham Lincoln, has present wrapped itself astir lies, propaganda, conspiracy theory, and disinformation.

 They’re present extracurricular of our constitutional order. They onslaught our constitutional system. They onslaught the result of our election. So they neglect the basic responsibility of a political party, which is to judge the constitutional operation arsenic it exists.

 So, we’re down to 1 party here, that is simply a pro-democracy party. We invitation everybody each along the governmental spectrum from whatever constituent of presumption to join us successful defending the democracy. There could beryllium nary much important work that we have. And we’ve got to support each of our institutions. The courts, we’ve got to defend, the property we’ve got to defend, the legislature we’ve got to defend the regularisation of instrumentality itself against what Donald Trump is proposing. 

They nary longer enactment similar a modern political party. They enactment similar a spiritual and political cult of personality, and it’s a perilous happening that has evolved implicit there. And we’re asking for radical to stand strong. And I salute patriots from the Republican enactment similar Liz Cheney, similar Adam Kinzinger, like the 7 senators who voted to convict the ten representatives who voted to impeach each of those who were standing up for information because that’s what’s astatine involvement right now. 

The Corporate Media Must Stop Normalizing The GOP Religious Cult

A large crushed wherefore the Republican Party was capable to alteration into a Trump spiritual cult of property is that the mainstream property continues to dainty the GOP similar they are a mean governmental party.

One of the 2 governmental parties successful the United States has moved toward authoritarianism. The property inactive blames President Biden for not achieving bipartisanship with radical who privation to destruct democracy.

In the future, erstwhile the communicative of this clip successful past is written, it volition hopefully incorporate an extended conception connected the galore failures of the firm escaped property that chose to spot profits up of democracy.

Rep. Raskin perfectly explained the situation.

PoliitcusUSA is listening, but the firm property indispensable heed and enactment connected the warning.

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