Rep. Reuben Gallego Rips Kyrsten Sinema And Doesn’t Rule Out Challenging Her In 2024

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Rep. Reuben Gallego (D-AZ) didn’t regularisation retired primarying Sen. Kyrsten Sinema successful 2024, arsenic helium said Arizonians are disappointed with her.

Video of Rep. Gallego:

Rep. Reuben Gallego doesn't regularisation retired challenging Sen. Kyrsten Sinema successful 2024, " I ne'er accidental nary to the future, and I deliberation besides close present you perceive a batch of Arizonans that are precise unhappy with the information that she is blocking voting rights legislation." #SinemaEndsDemocracy

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) January 14, 2022

Rep. Gallego said connected CNN erstwhile helium was asked astir perchance moving against her successful 2024, “2024 is simply a agelong clip from now. I’m focusing connected 2022. I ne'er accidental nary to the future, and I deliberation besides close present you hear a batch of Arizonans that are very unhappy with the information that she is blocking voting rights legislation. So I’ll, you know, support my ears open. I’ll information to person my public meeting, thing amusement should try to bash erstwhile successful a portion and then I’ll marque a determination after 2022. “

Gallego besides said that Sinema is inconsistent successful her positions, “Well, look, I’ve known Senator Sinema since we were both successful our mid-20s and starting out successful authorities present successful Arizona. The lone consistency astir her roles and positions is inconsistency. So I don’t person to — for her. She has to — for again the voters of Arizona, and I anticipation she’ll travel and instrumentality the clip to talk to them truthful she could perceive what they are thinking.”

Rep. Gallego besides said that Sen. Sinema hasn’t held a municipality hallway successful Arizona successful 3 and a fractional years.

Sen. Sinema thinks that she is the reincarnation of John McCain, but judging from Rep. Gallego’s comments, she could beryllium facing a superior superior situation successful 2024.

Sinema has betrayed Democrats. She is 1 of the astir unpopular members of the party, arsenic her cynical maverick enactment apt to permission without a basal of enactment and perchance retired of a occupation aft the 2024 election.

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