Republican Claim That Troops Are Going AWOL/Resigning Over Vaccine Mandate Destroyed By Fact Check

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It turns retired that the troops are not going AWOL to protestation the COVID vaccine mandate according to a information check.

Republicans were gleefully spreading a fake communicative that troops were walking disconnected of the occupation successful protestation of the COVID vaccine mandate.

This was not true.

A Reuters information cheque found:

Joint Base Langley-Eustis confirmed to Reuters this assertion was not true. “To date, nary pilots from the 1st Fighter Wing person resigned their committee owed to the COVID-19 vaccination mandate,” a Joint Base Langley-Eustis Public Affairs serviceman told Reuters via email connected Sept. 10.

The nonfiction besides claims 15 pilots of the 2nd Bomb Wing successful Barksdale Louisiana ( ) resigned. Reuters recovered nary grounds to enactment this.

A spokesperson for Barksdale Air Force Base besides told Reuters the communicative was “misinformation” and “completely false” and added that “no ultimatums were fixed and nary pilots tendered their resignations.”

The wide resignation ne'er happened, but Republicans tendency to disagreement America truthful overmuch that they volition autumn for thing that gives them anticipation that they inactive mightiness beryllium capable to destruct the country.

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