Republican Texas House Candidate Accused of Physically Abusing Stepdaughter

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Monica De La Cruz, a Republican who is moving for a spot successful Texas’s 15th Congressional District, was accused by her hubby of abusing her stepdaughter.

Johnny Hernandez, who does not person immoderate biologic children with De La Cruz, said successful tribunal filings that De La Cruz would verbally maltreatment his girl and pinch her to get her to halt crying. 

“Unfortunately, it got to that constituent wherever I had to marque a determination for the champion involvement of my daughter,” Hernandez said successful an interview with The Washington Post. “She didn’t privation to spell to parenting classes, and she didn’t privation to marque things amended for my daughter.”

Hernandez has besides asked De La Cruz to halt mentioning his girl successful her campaign, saying she is utilizing the narration to people governmental points.

“I judge that she is putting her run successful beforehand of our family,” helium said. “She is utilizing my girl for sympathy votes. My girl is going done intelligence wellness issues, and she should not beryllium utilizing that connected her run page. She needs to instrumentality that down.”

De La Cruz has denied the allegations.

“[The allegations are] false, and I’m heartbroken that arsenic we enactment done immoderate intelligence wellness issues that impact a insignificant this profoundly idiosyncratic substance is present being exposed successful the nationalist press,” she said successful a connection to the Post. “My fig 1 interest volition ever beryllium the well-being of each of my children, and I would admit your prayers and proceed to inquire for privateness for our family.”

De La Cruz was erstwhile described arsenic a promising “young gun” by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.).

De La Cruz precocious appeared at a National Republican Congressional Committee fundraiser that featured erstwhile President Donald Trump arsenic 1 of the speakers.

Proud to correspond #TX15 astatine the NRCC Countdown to the Majority meal with peculiar impermanent Donald J Trump. 🇺🇸 I americium humbled to pb this large territory to #VICTORY successful 2022! Together we volition TAKE BACK THE HOUSE and #FIRE Nancy Pelosi.Let's Go Brandon!! #SaveAmerica

— Monica De La Cruz for Congress (@monica4congress) November 9, 2021

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