Robot piloted by a ball of algae is powered by photosynthesis

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By placing a marimo, a people forming shot of algae, wrong a integrative shell, researchers person created a robot that tin determination done h2o powered lone by photosynthesis

Technology 14 January 2022

By Alex Wilkins

Algae robot

The robot is capable to navigate obstacles

Phillips, N., Draper, T.C., Mayne, R. et al. (2022)

A robot piloted by a shot of algae tin aquatics done h2o and determination astir obstacles, powered lone by photosynthesis.

Neil Phillips astatine the University of the West of England, UK, and his colleagues wanted to physique a robot with nary physics parts, meaning it wouldn’t interfere with immoderate electromagnetically delicate measurement instruments. The squad inserted a marimo, a shot of algae that forms people successful freshwater currents, wrong a 3D-printed integrative spherical ammunition equipped with vents. When the radical submerged the …

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