Ron DeSantis And Marco Rubio Could Be In Big Trouble In Florida

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A caller canvass has recovered that some Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio person tiny leads and enactment nether 50% successful Florida.

The canvass from Future Majority found:

DeSantis leads imaginable Democratic nominee Charlie Crist 49% to 45%, and imaginable nominee Nikki Fried 49% to 44%.

– 51% of voters accidental DeSantis “cares much astir moving for president  successful 2024” vs. 46% who accidental helium “cares much astir the aboriginal of Florida.”

– 51% of voters accidental DeSantis “puts his governmental ambitions first” vs. 45% who say, “puts people first.”

–  50% accidental helium is simply a “a emblematic politician” compared to 46% who accidental helium is “a leader.”

– Senator Marco Rubio leads Congresswoman Val Demmings successful the 2022 predetermination for U.S. Senate by 3 points, 47% to 44%.

Ron DeSantis Is Vulnerable. Support For Marco Rubio Is Weak.

Even though Florida has trended toward becoming coagulated reddish successful caller years, it is evident that COVID has created an opening for Democrats successful 2022. Gov. DeSantis’s grandstanding toward a 2024 statesmanlike run connected the backs of COVID patients is not playing good with galore voters successful Florida.

One could reason that Marco Rubio has been a anemic incumbent successful the authorities for years, arsenic he, similar DeSantis, has openly lusted for the presidency. The quality is that Rubio has a grounds of abandoning Floridians astatine the driblet of a chapeau to tally for president. Rubio has been complaining for years astir however overmuch helium hates being successful the Senate, and it seems similar his constant absence has yet reached the voters backmost home, and they aren’t happy.

Republicans would person nary anticipation of retaking the Senate if Rubio mislaid his spot due to the fact that they person pinned each of their anticipation for getting backmost the bulk connected flipping Sen. Raphael Warnock’s spot successful Georgia.

A nonaccomplishment by Rubio would apt support Democrats successful the Senate majority. Both Rubio and DeSantis are facing top-tier Democrats successful Reps. Val Demings Charlie Crist.

As of today, Rep. Demings astir apt has a amended accidental of pulling the upset, but Rubio and DeSantis are beatable, and that presents a premier accidental for Democrats successful 2022.

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