Sacramento City Unified School District Votes To Make COVID-19 Vaccine Mandatory For All Students, Staff

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Sacramento City Unified School District is present requiring students 12 and up to get the COVID-19 vaccine sooner than the statewide mandate would instrumentality effect.

Students 12 and older and unit volition beryllium required to person their archetypal oregon 2nd dose by November 30, unless they taxable an exemption.

The determination comes aft Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the nation’s archetypal statewide schoolhouse mandate that volition spell into effect erstwhile the vaccine gets afloat support from the FDA.

Jennifer Jennett’s lad got the vaccine anterior to the territory making the decision.

“He did fine, determination was nary sore arm. There was nothing,” said Jennett, whose lad is simply a SCUSD student.

Her lad is 12 and though helium volition beryllium successful compliance by the district’s second-semester deadline, she feels each genitor should person a close to choose.

“I don’t deliberation they should necessitate it, but besides I don’t person a occupation with requiring it,” she said.

So what volition the verification process look like? And volition parents whose children person an approved exemption beryllium liable for getting their students tested?

The territory told CBS13 the verification process volition beryllium released aboriginal this month. And erstwhile it comes to testing, it volition beryllium done connected campus.

Paula Mason has a batch of questions erstwhile it comes to the district’s caller vaccine mandate and says she volition not person her girl vaccinated.

“How are you going to verify that each of these students person their COVID trial and it lone lasts for truthful long? You person to proceed to get them,” she said.

Teachers and unit person until the extremity of adjacent period to amusement proof, portion eligible students person until the commencement of 2nd semester successful January.

A akin mandate was implemented successful Los Angeles wherever the territory determination had to widen their deadlines to get radical successful to compliance.

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