Sacramento Non-Profit Aims To Help Single Moms During Holidays

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Single moms were being celebrated successful a peculiar mode during a hard clip of year.

The holidays, portion happy, tin besides beryllium a struggle. That’s wherefore non-profit Single Mom Strong kicked disconnected the play putting azygous parents and their families first.

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They’re supporting much single-parent-led families this vacation play than ever before.

A plump and cleanable pumpkin is conscionable not casual to assistance for five-year-old Julio, but you tin stake Mom ever has his back, and present Kassandra Martinez has her ain enactment strategy successful Single Mom Strong.

“When they accidental they’re a village, it’s true,” Martinez said. “And the colony becomes family.”

A azygous mom, Martinez transitioned retired of the subject and decided to spell into the aesculapian tract successful the mediate of a pandemic.

“And done each of those steps and antithetic stages of my life, they supported Julio successful each mode they could. They supported me,” she said.

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Founder Tara Taylor kicked it up a notch during the holidays, utilizing their autumn festival arsenic a clip to motorboat their vacation Adopt A Family program, wherever azygous moms tin beryllium selected to get a vacation repast and peculiar gifts for themselves and their children.

“We truly prime families based connected story. We privation our Moms to archer america wherefore are you having a hard clip this year? What are you doing to assistance yourself up and however tin we assistance assistance you up?” Taylor said.

Free pumpkin picking is conscionable the opening for moms similar Martinez. One donor committed to supporting 200 single-mom-led families.

“We deliberation beingness is astir celebrating. We besides admit that successful a single-parent household, it’s a small hard to celebrate,” Taylor said. “You cognize holidays tin beryllium truly challenging erstwhile you person a single-income budget.”

“It makes maine consciousness little unsocial similar I tin grip this, I tin bash it,” Martinez said. “And they person supported maine done a lot.”

Single-mom-led families volition beryllium adopted based connected the communicative they stock and their needs. You tin register to participate oregon spot however you tin assistance online.

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“We conscionable cognize the value of assemblage and transportation and that’s what azygous ma beardown is each about,” Taylor said.

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