Sacramento Woman Comes Face To Face With Burglar During Brazen Break In

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento pistillate was moving from location past week erstwhile she got an unwelcomed visitant astatine her door.

It was a brazen break-in successful wide daylight Shannon—who felt uncomfortable sharing her past name—will ne'er forget.

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“My Ring went disconnected connected my watch. There was aggregate knocks,” she said.

A idiosyncratic astatine her beforehand doorway made definite the surveillance camera was covered earlier knocking again.

“There was 2 truly large knocks. I was walking to the doorway it virtually got kicked successful close successful beforehand of me,” Shannon said.

The fishy past broke her doorway down and Shannon recovered herself staring the fishy successful his face.

“My contiguous effect was to scream,” said Shannon, who frightened the fishy away. “And past I ran retired into the thoroughfare and screamed for help, but nary 1 came.”

Shannon called the Sacramento Police Department, which sent officers and launched a chopper searching for the man.

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“They did instrumentality it precise seriously,” Shannon said.

But the fishy is inactive retired there.

“I conjecture the existent crushed I’m doing this is due to the fact that I’m successful a large vicinity there’s a batch of families present and this could person been someone’s kid location unsocial who couldn’t person defended themselves,” Shannon said.

Residents were shocked to perceive of the vicinity attack.

“It’s a household atmosphere, particularly connected the weekends. BBQ, kids,” said Tony Roberts, who lives successful the country and has protection. “I got astir 3 cameras.”

Shannon says she’ll beryllium adding to her at-home security.

“I’m putting a information surface and I’m putting successful 5 cameras. He whitethorn not person stolen thing but I’m putting successful thousands of dollars to marque definite this doesn’t hap again,” she said.

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CBS13 reached retired to Sacramento police, who said officers person been assigned to the lawsuit and it is an progressive investigation.

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