Sailor Missing For 80 Years Returns To Sutter Creek For Special Homecoming

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SUTTER CREEK (CBS13) – A sailor missing for 80 years is yet home.

“It was mode much affectional than I thought it would be,” said Peggy Gardner.

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Gardner ne'er thought she’d spot the time her uncle Leslie Delles, her father’s identical twin, would instrumentality home. Both were EMC 3’s successful the Navy and the archetypal clip they separated was during the onslaught connected Pearl Harbor. Delles was killed connected committee the USS Oklahoma.

“It was conscionable benignant of a shadiness connected his beingness and I was precise alert of it being his daughter, and his lone child,” Gardner told CBS13.

A salute tin accidental a 1000 words, but for Gardner, it spoke consecutive to her bosom arsenic she watched her uncle yet get home.

“It’s similar returning a portion of america that was mislaid for 80 years,” said Gardner.

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The Navy precocious contacted Gardner, letting her cognize her uncle’s remains had been identified.

“It’s a 50-page publication of each the forensic reports and anthropological reports that they did. It’s conscionable astounding, it’s astonishing what they person done,” said Gardner.

Now 8 decades later, a sailor’s homecoming is drafting crowds to Sutter Creek.

“I cognize my dada would’ve been truly proud. It’s hard for maine to speech astir this,” said Gardner. “I consciousness similar portion of my household is backmost wherever it belongs. I consciousness similar it’s a bequest for my grandkids and my kids.”

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Sometimes words conscionable aren’t capable for thing truthful special.

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