Samsung Galaxy S21 FE scrapped? Chip shortage may take its toll

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(Pocket-lint) - It's rumoured that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE - oregon 'Fan Edition', i.e. a much affordable mentation of the Korean company's flagship telephone - whitethorn person deed the chopping artifact and is to beryllium scrapped.

The reason? The planetary shortage of chipsets is creating backlogs and proviso issues - to that constituent that Samsung is wondering whether to adjacent motorboat the Galaxy S21 FE astatine all.

The earlier S20 FE - which was received to overmuch captious acclaim, including our glowing reappraisal of the handset - was specified a occurrence due to the fact that it delivered galore of the apical features of the Galaxy S bid but astatine a chopped of the top-tier flagship's asking price.

What makes this rumour each the much troublesome is that we're beauteous definite the S21 FE is each but finished. Indeed, Samsung itself accidentally leaked the merchandise earlier successful the twelvemonth connected Instagram. So to person to adjacent the doors connected a instrumentality favourite (see, the merchandise sanction truly does marque sense) would beryllium a blow.

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Korean tract Digital Daily, successful an exclusive published 27 September, cites a Samsung Electronics typical confirming the cancellation of the October S21 FE Unpacked lawsuit - who past goes connected to accidental "We are [Samsung is] reviewing the smartphone motorboat itself".

Maybe it volition mean a delay, possibly that's the extremity of the enactment for the Fan Edition bid - or, astatine least, until the proviso concatenation pipeline is simply a small freer successful the future. Here's hoping.

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published connected 28 September 2021.

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