Samsung patents an origami folding laptop

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(Pocket-lint) - The foldable phone craze is successful afloat swing, but what if you could fold your laptop down into a much portable size too?

We deliberation it's a large thought and Samsung indispensable too, arsenic the marque has filed a patent connected 1 specified design.

According to a study from LetsGoDigital, Samsung's patent covers a laptop that folds traditionally and past tin beryllium folded erstwhile much erstwhile closed.

The plan shows a hinged keyboard country with a clip to support your laptop sandwich unneurotic erstwhile folded down.

The motherboard, artillery and components housed beneath the keyboard would beryllium divided into 2 sections to let the instrumentality to fold vertically.

Presumably, Samsung plans to usage its folding OLED tech for the display, which, of course, is besides hinged to let it to fold backmost connected itself.

When folded, the basal of the laptop forms the outer sides of the device, with the surface tucked distant successful the middle.

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Just due to the fact that Samsung has filed a patent, doesn't mean the conception volition ever beryllium released but if the foldable telephone inclination continues, it seems inevitable that we volition spot larger folding devices.

If Samsung was to merchandise specified a device, it would person galore challenges to overcome.

There's the ever-present screen crease to contend with, arsenic good arsenic making the hinged keyboard consciousness sturdy capable for typing. We tin ideate crumbs being a nightmare too.

Still, it's a precise chill conception and we're excited to spot wherever it ends up.

Writing by Luke Baker.

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