Samsung's Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds+ get price cuts this Black Friday

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(Pocket-lint) - There are a full load of existent wireless earbuds retired determination for you to take between, but Samsung's made much than 1 truly awesome brace successful the past mates of years.

Now, some of its astir caller 2 outings person got bully discounts successful Black Friday offers that are good worthy considering.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live - prevention  up   to 56%

The Galaxy Buds Live are immoderate of the astir unsocial earbuds we've tested, and present person a precise steadfast discount, meaning you tin get them for $169.99 $99.99 oregon £179.00 £81.90.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ - redeeming  up   to 43%

These are a large stake if you privation thing that fits a small much traditionally, and portion they don't person noise-cancelling, the much modular in-ear acceptable mostly makes up for that and are down to $149.99 $99.99 oregon $159 £108.

What's truthful bully astir Samsung's headphones? For 1 thing, they've got a precise peculiar bean-like signifier of the Live that's really truly comfy to deterioration for agelong periods. That reflective coating besides makes them truly bully to look at, though we'd inactive opt for the achromatic colour if possible. Noise-cancelling and a wirelessly-charging lawsuit circular retired the bundle impressively.

If you privation to chopped your costs slightly, though, and get a much accepted design, you should cheque retired the somewhat older Galaxy Buds+, which are truly comfy and dependable great, positive payment from choky integration with Samsung's phones if you person one.

Either way, you'll beryllium getting a truly coagulated brace of earbuds that are large for mundane use, and successful the lawsuit of the Buds Live besides large for workouts.

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 25 November 2020.

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