Samsung The Frame initial review: As the artist intended?

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(Pocket-lint) - In 2017, Samsung showed disconnected The Frame, the archetypal measurement into a antithetic household of televisions, which are present grouped nether the umbrella of "lifestyle".

It's a postulation of TVs including The Terrace, The Sero, The Serif and The Frame. Each aims to springiness you thing somewhat different, possibly appealing to a somewhat smaller marketplace than Samsung's mainstream TVs - but of this collection, The Frame feels similar it has the astir appeal.

Designed to blend in

  • Sizes from 32 to 75 inches
  • Changeable bezels
  • Designed for seamless partition mounting

When the conception of The Frame was archetypal launched, it took vantage of Samsung's slim plan to let a seamless partition equine alternatively similar hanging a representation instead.

Indeed, the premise of The Frame remains the same, but slim TVs and practically invisible mounting is each the much communal these days. What The Frame offers to abstracted it from different TVs is simply a somewhat antithetic duel LED illumination strategy (which we'll speech astir successful a minute) and the customisable bezel.


Samsung The Frame photograph  7

The bezel virtually conscionable connects via magnets, meaning you tin power the bezel of your TV to suit the room. It doesn't person to beryllium achromatic oregon silver, it tin beryllium a scope of antithetic wood colours, truthful it tin lucifer furniture, opposition with overgarment colours, oregon immoderate you want.

The changeable frames tin beryllium easy changed, they virtually conscionable propulsion distant from the TV. There's besides a afloat My Shelf setup, giving you much customisation options for installation, portion it besides has a prime of stands, though it's truly designed for partition mounting.

The Frame comes successful a afloat scope of sizes from 32 inches each the mode up to 75 inches, and its large that determination are smaller sizes. This gives the imaginable to instal The Frame successful different country wherever you mightiness not conventionally enactment a TV, truthful it's a small much subtle, but inactive giving you entree to each the latest astute features.


Samsung The Frame photograph  2

The happening to enactment astir the 32-inch model, is that this exemplary is simply a Full HD QLED, alternatively than 4K QLED of the larger models - it comes with a smaller OneConnect container and a shorter 2.5m One Invisible cable.

The TV itself is truly conscionable a monitor, with astir of the brains are pushed implicit to the OneConnect container - a communal diagnostic connected Samsung's apical televisions - with a azygous One Invisible cablegram moving to the show itself which is beauteous overmuch invisible. Ok, truthful it's not, but alternatively of having to interest astir connecting a afloat array of cables to the backmost of the TV, it's conscionable 1 cable, making a subtle installation truthful overmuch easier.


Samsung The Frame photograph  6

On the larger TV sizes (43-75-inch) there's a 5m cablegram on with the larger OneConnect container pictured here. It is pretty, truthful you'll apt request a furniture to fell it in, but astatine slightest it helps support the TV down to its slim 24.9mm thickness.

Connectivity and features

  • 2/4 HDMI, USB
  • Ethernet and eARC connected larger screens
  • Dual LED surface tech
  • Art Mode

In presumption of connections, arsenic we've conscionable mentioned these are each connected the OneConnect container alternatively than the TV itself. The larger sizes get a afloat compliment of 4x HDMI including eARC, Ethernet and USB ports, truthful you tin plug successful immoderate devices you privation to play done the TV.

On apical of the connections, arsenic this is sitting connected Samsung's astute TV platform, you person entree to each the streaming services done TV apps, truthful getting to your contented is simple. It besides supports AirPlay 2 and mirroring from Android devices, with Alexa and Google Assistant enactment excessively - truthful it's the implicit package.


Samsung The Frame photograph  5

From the clip we spent with the TV we didn't get the accidental to afloat measure these speakers, but with the quality to link a soundbar via the OneConnect box, it's casual to grow the dependable offering if you privation more.

The tiny models of The Frame (32, 43, 50in) person a 2 transmission 20W talker system, portion the larger models person a 4 transmission 40W talker system.


Samsung The Frame photograph  11

Turning to the display, it's a QLED panel, again with the smaller exemplary offering afloat HD resolution, but stepping up to 4K astatine 43 inches. It supports HDR10+, but there's nary Dolby Vision support.

The Dual LED exertion is designed to springiness you a champion of some worlds situation. It has the powerfulness to present a vibrant and engrossing representation erstwhile you're utilizing The Frame to ticker TV, but it volition power illumination erstwhile you determination implicit to Art Mode.


Samsung The Frame photograph  1

This is the happening that truly stands this TV speech from others, successful that it's designed to showcase creation erstwhile you're not utilizing it arsenic a television. You tin usage your ain images, but there's besides a scope of escaped oregon subscription sources disposable done the TV truthful you tin take thing to suit your taste.

With the power successful illumination, and an adaptive strategy to suit the ambient airy successful the room, the effect is truly good. You could beryllium forgiven for reasoning that it's artwork connected the partition alternatively than a TV successful disguise - it's truly effective.

Of people you don't privation your TV connected each the time, truthful there's a question sensor that volition observe erstwhile there's nary 1 determination and it tin crook off.

First Impressions

What's large astir Samsung's The Frame TV is that it does everything. It's a susceptible television, with each the connections and contented sources, and overmuch of the latest tech, but this is each built into a TV that tin fell successful plain sight.

For anyone who thinks that a TV is an disfigured achromatic rectangle connected the wall, The Frame tin springiness immoderate respite from that look. That's going to let radical to plan a country and person a TV acceptable successful - and portion this mightiness not beryllium the centrepiece of your location cinema, it could good go the centrepiece of galore different rooms of the house.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published connected 23 August 2021.

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