Sega And Atlus Tease New RPG Announcement For Tokyo Game Show

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Sega and Atlus are acceptable to unveil a caller RPG during Day 2 of the Tokyo Game Show 2021, which is October 1. We already knew the companies would person the past presumption of the time according to the event schedule, and they’re gearing up to reason the 2nd circular of livestreams with a bang. 

The steadfast has acceptable up a special website for the unannounced rubric that plays a Japanese-narrated cinematic of an ink quill drafting 3 fantastical-looking characters overlooking a scenic cliff. It besides shows flashes of antithetic characters and melancholy scenes, specified arsenic what appears to beryllium a slain woman. The animation concludes by taking viewers to a homepage that presently has a countdown timepiece ticking down to the game’s uncover astatine TGS. Translated substance of the video’s statement simply states “This is simply a teaser trailer for Sega's caller RPG, whose accusation volition beryllium unveiled online astatine the Tokyo Game Show 2021 connected October 1, 2021 (Friday).”

Now comes the amusive part: figuring retired what this crippled could be. Given the hype astir it, 1 would presume it’s a caller IP. Needless to say, it decidedly doesn’t look similar it fits successful with Atlus’ established bid similar Persona, Shin Megami Tensei, oregon Etrian Odyssey based connected the artwork. Atlus fans person undoubtedly begun dissecting each imaginable framework of this trailer for answers, but the remainder of america volition person to hold a mates of much weeks to larn more. 

In summation to their livestream presentation, Sega’s integer booth volition item games specified arsenic Lost Judgment, Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania, and Sonic Colors: Ultimate. You tin drawback their offerings and much erstwhile Tokyo Game Show kicks disconnected connected September 30 and concludes connected October 3. We already person immoderate confirmation of what Square Enix is bringing to the amusement truthful expect different companies to statesman finalizing their line-ups implicit the adjacent fewer weeks. 

What bash you marque of this mysterious RPG? Share your theories down successful the comments!

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