Sen. Elizabeth Warren Calls Out Facebook As A Threat To Democracy

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said that Facebook is simply a menace to democracy, and it is clip for the societal media elephantine to beryllium breached up.


Sen. Elizabeth Warren calls for the breakup of Facebook, "The crushed you interruption up these large monopolies is partially for economical reasons, make competition, but it's partially due to the fact that they airs a existent governmental hazard to the endurance of a democracy. It is clip to interruption up Facebook."

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) October 26, 2021

Sen. Warren said connected MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber:

The lone mode we’re going to hold them accountable is to break them up. I recognize determination are people who say, well, possibly we could regulate them a small better, put much cops connected the beat. Look, I’m not opposed to that. It’s conscionable not capable to get the job done. We request to interruption them up. The mode we interruption them up. It’s benignant of similar with the phone company. You cognize however you tin telephone maine and I tin telephone you adjacent if we don’t use the aforesaid telephone carriers? We request to bash the aforesaid thing with our societal media, I can call you and you tin telephone me. Once we marque that enactment and break them apart, present you’ve got 10 providers for the societal media services, 50 providers for our social media services. That means I tin prime 1 that says  I’m not going to beryllium selling your information to idiosyncratic else. The effect of that is to make the marketplace enactment better. 

The 2nd effect is to deprive Facebook of the benignant of enormous powerfulness that it present has. Think what it means that Facebook is scooping in information from each 1 of our exchanges, scooping it in and utilizing it for its own benefit, for advertising, for selling to 3rd parties. Shoot, for playing footsie with dictators astir the world. We request to interruption that up. I spell backmost to Teddy Roosevelt who said the crushed you interruption up these large monopolies is partly for economical reasons, create competition, but it’s partly because they airs a real political hazard to the survival of a democracy. It is clip to interruption up Facebook. 

Facebook profited disconnected of and promoted right-wing websites that propulsion propaganda and disinformation that endanger democracy. Facebook is truthful large that Mark Zuckerberg wants radical to judge that helium can’t power his ain platform.

If this is the case, Sen. Warren is correct. For the bully of democracy, the national authorities indispensable measurement successful and interruption up Facebook.

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