Sky "magical" launch event promises something big - Sky Q IP perhaps?

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(Pocket-lint) - Sky volition big a motorboat lawsuit connected Thursday 7 October wherever it plans to unveil thing "magical".

Pocket-lint volition beryllium there, but it could besides beryllium streamed online truthful we anticipation to big it ourselves for you to ticker person the time. We person asked Sky to confirm.

There's besides a teaser video disposable now, which doesn't truly springiness overmuch away.

Our guess? We deliberation it'll beryllium for the long-awaited, much-discussed Sky Q IP work successful the UK.

Already disposable successful Germany and a mates of different Sky territories (under antithetic names), Sky Q IP volition alteration al customers to get the Sky Q container acquisition adjacent without a outer dish.

It volition present contented wholly via an net connection, but could inactive let for Sky Q container functionality, specified arsenic signaling shows - they'll conscionable beryllium stored successful the unreality alternatively the container itself.

One of our sources besides antecedently told america that the work could autumn nether a azygous monthly subscription fee, but extras could beryllium bolted connected - specified arsenic UHD streams wherever possible, and Sky Sports. We were informed that non-Sky apps volition besides beryllium disposable done the Sky Q IP container too, with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ being evident candidates.

It's a afloat Sky Q experience, basically.

Things surely look to person progressed since we talked to the company's radical main merchandise officer, Fraser Stirling, successful July 2020. Then, helium hinted that plans for an internet-streamed mentation of Sky Q was debased down connected the prioritory list: "We person been moving connected it, [but] I'll beryllium 100 per cent honest, it's a precise almighty happening to person a hybrid level similar we do," helium said, referring to the accepted Sky Q box's outer and information transportation system.

Looks similar plans person been accelerated again.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 16 September 2021.

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