Slash on his new album, his relationship with Axl Rose and being a Halloween costume

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(CNN)Slash says the signaling of his latest medium was "quite an adventure" and "a memorable experience."

"We went successful and we did this medium live," helium told CNN successful a caller interview. "We did it successful astir 5 days. It was a batch of amusive to make."

The not truthful amusive part, helium said, was that they each caught Covid contempt being highly careful, including traveling to Nashville to grounds via autobus truthful they could debar flying connected planes.

    Slash said it happened conscionable aft helium got vaccinated and thankfully everyone is recovered and well.

      The caller album, "4" by Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators, is the group's 4th and was recorded successful April.

      He said the pandemic had an power connected the caller task - particularly due to the fact that determination was "pent up anxiousness going into the music, wanting to get unneurotic and really play aft not playing for what had been a longer play of clip than immoderate of america are utilized to."

      "That had a batch to bash with benignant of the urgency vibe of the record," Slash said. "[Recording it live] was precise cathartic. It was a large merchandise to get successful a country and play."

      Being successful 2 bands - he's of people champion known arsenic the guitarist for Guns N' Roses - Slash is truthful accustomed surviving beingness connected tour, helium said it was "discombobulating" to abruptly person unrecorded euphony unopen down.

      But helium stayed productive, helium said, and is present blessed to beryllium backmost retired performing.

      Slash said he's looking guardant to touring for the "4" medium successful February and loved the circuit helium did with Guns N' Roses.

      That 1 went incredibly well, helium said, successful portion acknowledgment to the large narration he, Axl Rose and the different set members are presently enjoying.

      "When we got backmost together, that full chemistry and that happening that makes what Guns N' Roses is for maine and Axl and Jeff [best known arsenic Izzy], it each conscionable benignant of came together," Slash said. "After that agelong a play of time, we'd benignant of forgotten what that was like."

      "Everybody got on great," helium added. "That's really wherefore the circuit has kept going, due to the fact that initially it was conscionable going to beryllium a mates of shows."

      As 1 of the world's astir celebrated guitarists, Slash has had immoderate absorbing moments, similar having radical enjoying dressing up arsenic him for his favourite holiday, Halloween.

        He said he's honored and sometimes freaked retired by it.

        "It's a small unnerving to spell someplace and tally into yourself," helium said. "I bash callback going to a enactment a fewer years agone and determination were 2 of me, truthful it was a small bizarre."

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