Slater 'certainly considering' QLD coach role

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Queensland Origin large Billy Slater has addressed speculation helium has been approached to beryllium the next Maroons coach.

During Melbourne' 40-12 triumph implicit Manly connected Friday night, Slater responded to reports that helium is simply a front-runner to go the Maroons' caput manager aft Paul Green's daze exit.

"I privation to accent that we haven't gotten to an connection oregon acceptance benignant of happening conscionable yet," Slater told Nine.

Former Queensland Origin fullback Billy Slater astatine Maroons grooming (Getty)

"There's been an look of my involvement successful coaching the Queensland squad and fixed the attraction I person for Queensland and however precocious I clasp the role, I'm surely considering it.

"But astatine the aforesaid clip I've got immoderate existing commitments.

"I've got household commitments and I respect the relation that overmuch that I cognize however overmuch I volition enactment into the role, and I cognize however overmuch it volition request and the committedness it volition take.

"So it's not conscionable an casual determination to say, 'Yes', but surely [there is] immoderate information there."

Andrew Johns and Brad Fittler sermon however the Maroons determination connected from Paul Green

Legendary Nine NRL commentator Ray 'Rabs' Warren pressed Slater during the Friday nighttime footy whether helium had been approached by Queensland Rugby League but the retired fullback was coy.

"I attraction astir Queensland, Rabs, truthful so there's information and involvement for myself astir the position," Slater said.

"It's not a chopped and adust concern for me. I've truly got to see the presumption and however overmuch absorption and input that would instrumentality retired of what I'm doing."

Origin large Billy Slater (Getty)

Slater retired astatine the extremity of 2018, and was archetypal linked with the relation earlier Green's assignment for the 2021 Origin series, which Queensland mislaid 2-1.

NSW Blues fable Andrew Johns asked Slater however helium would consciousness coaching players helium had not excessively agelong agone played with and whether that would beryllium a imaginable interest for him.

"Not astatine all. That's not a interest to me," Slater replied.

He refused to accidental concretely whether helium would oregon wouldn't judge the relation astatine the infinitesimal "out of respect to the position".

"The information is astir my existing commitments and the respect I springiness the presumption due to the fact that it's not conscionable crook up to 3 games - it's much than that and it's astir the absorption Queensland Rugby League privation to spell with it," Slater said connected Nine.

Billy Slater is swamped by teammates aft scoring successful Game 3 of the State of Origin bid astatine ANZ Stadium connected July 7, 2010 (Getty)

"I cognize however overmuch this means.

"I've got to see everything earlier I marque a decision.

"I deliberation there's a batch of bully radical that tin beryllium progressive successful the Queensland Rugby League system. The QRL are moving towards that.

"They're doing a fantastic occupation and they've got an oculus connected the future, truthful we volition spot what happens."

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