Small businesses need to step up efforts to secure and retain hybrid workers

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Only 31% are shipping laptops to employees and astir fractional person spent their ain wealth connected a distant workspace, a survey from GetApp finds.


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It's beauteous wide that hybrid enactment is present to stay, for the foreseeable future, anyway, and yet, lone 31% of tiny businesses are shipping laptops to astatine slightest immoderate employees, according to a caller report. 

The Tech astatine Work survey from GetApp, portion of Gartner Digital Markets, besides recovered that 1 successful 4 workers utilized their idiosyncratic laptop for enactment earlier the pandemic. As distant enactment continues, this puts an enactment astatine higher hazard for cybersecurity threats, according to the findings.

The study details tech challenges successful a hybrid enactment situation and what employees expect from their company's tech setup. It makes the lawsuit for IT leaders to measurement up to assistance future-proof their organizations and beryllium a strategical partner.

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With the caller exemplary of work, being distant sometimes comes with a hefty terms tag. Some 88% of respondents said they judge employers should beryllium liable for covering astatine slightest immoderate costs associated with moving from home, but astir fractional of workers (48%) person spent anyplace from $100 to $500 of their ain wealth connected their distant workspace.

This caller survey of tiny concern workers besides recovered that 67% of hybrid idiosyncratic respondents said having visibility into the docket of colleagues moving on-site would person a mean to beardown power connected their determination to enactment astatine the bureau connected peculiar days. 

That said, an ineffective scheduling process for on-site versus distant workdays was rated arsenic the apical situation of a hybrid enactment model, according to the report. 

IT tin spouse with HR to assistance prime tools for hybrid enactment

IT leaders tin beryllium strategical partners by helping plan an effectual and steadfast hybrid enactment culture, and not conscionable beryllium "the IT crowd," said Olivia Montgomery, elder contented expert astatine GetApp.

"A communal thread passim the survey results was addressing however IT tin spouse with HR to assistance lick immoderate challenges of the hybrid enactment model,'' Montgomery said. "This tin beryllium done by selecting tools and establishing processes that enactment not lone the method needs of employees but besides interaction their occupation satisfaction."

There was an anticipation that having an overwhelming fig of bundle tools would beryllium a large situation for hybrid workers, she noted. "However, it was astonishing to find that an ineffective scheduling process for distant versus on-site days was cited arsenic the apical situation of hybrid work. This situation whitethorn look similar 1 for HR departments oregon radical managers to instrumentality on, but IT leaders tin truly radiance present by designing an effectual scheduling solution."

Consider a distant enactment stipend

The survey results besides yielded amazingly bully news: The wide restitution reported by employees successful the prime of their IT resources, Montgomery added. "From company-issued hardware to bundle entree management, IT teams are providing precocious value, and it's large to spot that recognized by employees—especially erstwhile it tin beryllium easier to absorption connected antagonistic feedback erstwhile shared anonymously."

The survey findings besides reinforced that organizations were not acceptable for the swift displacement from bureau to distant work, fixed the debased fig of employees who had a enactment laptop anterior to the pandemic (38%) and that astatine that time, 1 successful 4 were utilizing their idiosyncratic laptops for work, Montgomery said.

"Now, it's harmless to accidental astir radical who could enactment from location bash and privation to proceed doing so,'' she said. "Therefore, hybrid enactment is apt going to beryllium the ascendant moving exemplary going forward. This means that IT leaders request to plan their processes to alteration their concern to usage immoderate premix of in-office and distant enactment models they take with minimal disruption if swift workplace changes are needed again."

The GetApp survey recommends that organizations see offering a distant enactment stipend arsenic a "rather low-risk but high-reward mode successful which HR tin enactment a hybrid workforce that's acceptable to displacement locations successful the lawsuit of a caller crisis."

A one-time stipend of $250 per employee, careless of enactment determination would beryllium "an fantabulous mode to amusement your employees that they are valued and trusted,'' the study suggested.

GetApp conducted the Tech astatine Work Survey successful July 2021 among 575 U.S.-based workers astatine tiny businesses with astatine slightest partially hybrid enactment models. Respondents were screened for employment presumption (full- and part-time employment) and the fig of employees astatine their institution (2-500), the institution said.

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