Some Caldor Fire Evacuees Left With Nowhere To Go

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PLACERVILLE (CBS13) – El Dorado County is experiencing an evacuee exodus with galore fleeing their homes from the Caldor Fire with obscurity to go.

“There was a batch of cars connected the roadworthy and I didn’t expect immoderate miracles, I truly expected to beryllium sleeping successful my car,” said evacuee, Tom Berber.

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Tom Berber slept successful the parking batch of the Cameron Park Red Cross evacuation structure that reached afloat capableness Tuesday night.

“We called astir and we couldn’t truly find, everybody was full, this was the past resort

Red Cross is moving with the region to unfastened a 3rd evacuation tract to accommodate those inactive looking for a spot to stay.

“We person aggregate sites that are imaginable spell to’s,” explained Steve Walsh, spokesperson for the Red Cross. “If we perfectly had to determination radical extracurricular of the region due to the fact that determination wasn’t immoderate country astatine the inn benignant of speak, we tin bash that, we similar to support them adjacent to home,” Walsh explained.

Walsh explained that the region is looking to find the champion determination to unfastened an further evacuation site.

“They are monitoring the upwind virtually to marque definite it’s a harmless determination to unfastened the doors due to the fact that we bash expect much radical are going to request a harmless abstraction to stay,” helium said.

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Rows of RVs are taking implicit the Placerville Walmart parking lot, with dozens of families mounting up homes connected the go.

“Everyone has travel astir donating water, ice, food, clothing, schoolhouse supplies — thing that you whitethorn perchance need. Even a h2o motortruck to capable up anyone’s camper,” explained evacuee Terri Wilson.

Wilson said different evacuated families are perpetually coming into the parking batch with obscurity other to go.

“All time agelong and past they find someplace other to spell and past others come,” she said.

Placerville Seventh-Day Adventist is 1 of galore churches filling their parking lots. They opened their parking batch Tuesday and 30 radical camping retired with inactive much country available.

“Just successful a fewer hours, everything changed. We are conscionable truly grateful we had a spot to travel to and they are conscionable truly taking attraction of us,” said evacuee Charlotte Henderson.

A assemblage is coming unneurotic to find structure arsenic thousands hold to spot if they person a location to spell backmost to.

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“Knowing that radical care, the compassion of full strangers is overwhelming to my heart, it means truthful much,” said evacuee Rhonda Hidebrand.

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