Some female butterflies can see an extra ultraviolet colour

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Life 30 September 2021

By Madeline Bodin

Female reddish postman butterflies spot an other colour successful the ultraviolet portion of the airy spectrum that adjacent the males of their taxon cannot.

While many carnal taxon tin spot 1 colour of UV, the quality to spot aggregate colours successful the UV spectrum is rare. Mantis shrimp and hummingbird hawkmoths whitethorn besides spot aggregate colours of UV, according to Susan Finkbeiner astatine California State University, Long Beach and Adriana Briscoe astatine the University of California, Irvine.

Finkbeiner trained 80 Heliconius erato, a Central American butterfly species, and 120 of 2 different butterfly taxon to sip from a feeder …

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