Spotify is testing a video Discovery feature

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(Pocket-lint) - It seems that Spotify mightiness beryllium investigating a caller Discover diagnostic with immoderate users seeing arsenic TikTok benignant video provender successful the Spotify app. 

According to immoderate reports, users are seeing scrollable vertical videos wrong the app arsenic portion of a caller idiosyncratic interface for the app that includes a Discover fastener astatine the bottommost alongside your library, hunt and location buttons. 

This trial was spotted by merchandise decorator Chris Messina, who saw the other fastener erstwhile utilizing the beta mentation of the Spotify app:

Not lone that, @Spotify Discover is fundamentally a pared down mentation of a TikTok-style provender of vertical euphony videos (likely utilizing their canvas format) that you tin similar oregon skip.#NewSpotify

— Messina.eth (@chrismessina) November 24, 2021

When clicked that fastener launches a full-screen short-form euphony video which appears to beryllium snippets of authoritative euphony videos from assorted artists. The strategy volition beryllium reasonably acquainted to anyone who has utilized TikTok and different akin benignant video systems already arsenic a flick up and down volition alteration betwixt the videos connected connection and users find much contented to watch. 

As we already know, Discover is Spotify's strategy for helping users to find caller euphony akin to their existent taste, truthful this caller video mode is simply an enlargement of that. It is, however, conscionable a trial presently and there's nary connection connected whether it volition go official. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published connected 25 November 2021.

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