Square Enix Issues Server Congestion Warning Ahead Of Endwalker Launch

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Endwalker, the upcoming enlargement for Final Fantasy XIV, is astir here. In fact, players with aboriginal entree packages tin statesman playing the enlargement arsenic soon arsenic Friday, December 3. Of course, arsenic with immoderate MMORPG motorboat (and galore different online games), the archetypal fewer days are apt to beryllium dicey affairs erstwhile it comes to server queues, login woes, and different assorted assorted issues arsenic players each effort to login astatine the aforesaid clip and play. We saw this hap earlier this twelvemonth with New World – and seeing it hap successful immoderate capableness for the Endwalker motorboat would not beryllium unusual, fixed the hype for this big, large enlargement that features respective caller jobs and a ton of caller contented to explore.

To that end, Square Enix has released a station documenting immoderate of the assorted issues players whitethorn encounter as the flood gates open. The database includes the astir important issue, worlds reaching maximum capacity, resulting successful lengthy hold times to log on. Other things tin happen, too, similar quality instauration being disabled. Players who stay inactive in-game for excessively agelong volition besides beryllium booted successful bid to marque room. For MMORPG veterans, thing present should beryllium surprising. If you’re taking your archetypal steps into Final Fantasy XIV, it mightiness beryllium champion to bash what you tin to prepare. 

Ideally, this means you’d make your quality earlier the enlargement launches, truthful you don’t request to interest astir getting stuck incapable to marque one, and you should astir apt not allocate days disconnected to the archetypal pre-release and merchandise dates for the game. If you’re readying to instrumentality clip disconnected to truly soak yourself successful the FFXIV experience, it would astir apt beryllium champion to sprout for a week oregon truthful aft motorboat and not the aboriginal days. You’ll person a overmuch amended clip playing the crippled than staring astatine login queues! If you really, truly can't hold to spell hard connected the caller expansion, effort changing your slumber docket for a fewer days, arsenic you volition find it much, overmuch easier to log successful during the aboriginal hours of the greeting (or precocious night, depending connected however you presumption it) than you volition during premier time.

Anyway, cheque america retired rocking the Tower of Zot successful Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. It’s hard not to privation to play the Reaper occupation people for this expansion, but a batch of them look great. Are you readying to play Endwalker? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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