Sri Lanka's civil war left a lasting fear in the country's birds

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More than a decennary aft Sri Lanka's civilian warfare ended, chaotic birds are inactive wary of humans successful areas of the state that saw equipped conflict

Life 26 October 2021

By Jake Buehler

A cattle egret (Bubulcus ibis) stands adjacent   a roadway successful  Sri Lanka. Birds successful  the state  inactive  fearfulness  humans years aft  the extremity  of a civilian  war.

A cattle egret stands adjacent a roadway successful Sri Lanka

Michael Weston

Sri Lanka’s civilian warfare lasted 26 years, coming to an extremity successful 2009. But the country’s birds haven’t forgotten.

“There were galore incidents reported, portion increasing up successful Sri Lanka, of landmines causing wounded oregon decease to animals successful warfare zones,” says Jonathan Gnanapragasam astatine Deakin University successful Burwood, Australia.

He and his colleagues person recovered that successful erstwhile warfare zones, chaotic birds are inactive wary of humans, portion birds successful areas that didn’t spot equipped struggle during the …

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