Stacey Abrams Is Running For Georgia Governor In 2022 As GOP Nightmares Come True

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Republicans person shown their fearfulness of Stacey Abrams for years ever since she astir was elected politician successful 2018 and went connected to physique a formidable GOTV instrumentality that turned Georgia successful 2020. Now she is backmost and moving again for governor.


I’m moving for Governor due to the fact that accidental successful our authorities shouldn’t beryllium determined by zip code, inheritance oregon entree to power. #gapol

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— Stacey Abrams (@staceyabrams) December 1, 2021

Abrams mislaid to Brian Kemp, who astatine the clip was Secretary of State, by 1.8%. There were plentifulness of soiled tricks and manipulations utilized by the state’s Republicans to contradict Abrams the predetermination that galore consciousness she won.

In 2021, Republicans successful Georgia responded to the monolithic elector cognition built by Abrams with a question of elector suppression laws that were designed to marque it much hard to vote.

The elector suppression laws could person been titled the Stop Stacey Abrams Act due to the fact that that is their existent intent. There was nary elector fraud successful Georgia, conscionable a highly motivated and skilled predetermination operation.

Donald Trump can’t halt talking astir Stacey Abrams. National Republicans person been frightened that her elector organizations volition dispersed to their reddish states and springiness the radical a existent voice.

Republicans fearfulness Abrams, and present those fears person travel true.

Stacey Abrams is coming backmost to decorativeness the occupation successful 2022.

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