Stadia enables "Phone Link", use your mobile as a touch controller

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(Pocket-lint) - You tin present usage your mobile telephone arsenic a interaction controller for Stadia connected a TV.

Alternatively, you tin hook up a third-party controller to your Android telephone oregon iPhone, either via USB oregon Bluetooth, and usage the mobile instrumentality arsenic a wireless span to power Stadia games.

Admittedly, that mode adds a small other latency, but it's a large workaround for utilizing a USB controller oregon wireless pad not supported by Chromecast Ultra, say. The second TV instrumentality lone accepts the authoritative Stadia controller.

According to Google Stadia enactment (via Android Authority), it's casual to nexus your telephone with Stadia moving connected an Android TV oregon Google TV device. You conscionable motorboat the Stadia app connected your television, motorboat the app connected Android oregon iOS, past pat controller (just marque definite each apps are updated to the latest versions).

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It's a small harder for Chromecast Ultra. You archetypal request to crook to the transmission with Chromecast Ultra moving on-screen - determination you should spot the accustomed linking code. Open the Stadia app connected your phone, pat the controller icon, past pat "Phone Touch Gamepad". Tap "Play connected TV" and property the linking codification series connected the virtual controls.

If you privation to usage a Bluetooth controller moving done the telephone connected Chromecast Ultra, you conscionable acceptable up the controller alternatively of the "Phone Touch Gamepad" instruction. The remainder is the same.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 28 September 2021.

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