Strike Crew Responding To Caldor Fire Has Been Working 12 Days Straight

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EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) – The Caldor occurrence burning done El Dorado County, forcing evacuations and causing officials to unopen the wood down to visitors arsenic accelerated flames pain done a wood ripe for burning.

“One small spark could instrumentality off,” said Brian Goff with Cal Fire.

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Tens of thousands of acres were scorched successful days arsenic the Caldor Fire exploded successful El Dorado County.

“How accelerated this occurrence went from 3,000 acres to 50,000-60,000 acres successful 2 days. That’s benignant of crazy,” said Goff.

Crews are trying to support up.

“They’re stretched bladed done California and everybody’s asking for more,” helium said.

Cal Fire tells CBS13 that further onslaught teams are heading to the Caldor Fire. We met 1 squad going connected 12 days straight.

“We’re coming from the Dixie fire,” said Ken Kremansky, Chief of the Berona Fire Department successful San Diego County.

After battling California’s biggest wildfire, Kremansky and his unit drove six hours to assistance combat a caller one.

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“This occurrence broke retired they needed immoderate resources. We’re tired. We’ve been moving truly hard. We’re trying to bash the champion we tin we’re warring immoderate large odds,” helium said.

We asked his onslaught squad however they support morale high.

“We emotion what we bash we get gratification retired of being determination and helping radical out,” said Kremansky.

The Caldor Fire is forcing evacuations successful Amador and Eldorado counties, but not everyone left, including Rich Scaggs who lives successful Pollock Pines.

“Well, due to the fact that we’re truthful adjacent to Highway 50, we person our RV ready. We tin load worldly up and beryllium gone present beauteous quickly,” helium said.

Cal Fire says it’s important with an unpredictable fire, to beryllium prepared to evacuate.

“When you unrecorded successful an country similar this it’s ever bully to person a plan. astatine slightest you tin get your commencement certificate your pictures and get out,” said Goff.

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Additional crews person arrived to assistance with the Caldor Fire and determination whitethorn beryllium much to travel arsenic it continues to grow.

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