Supporters Question Calls For Natomas Teacher To Be Fired

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NATOMAS (CBS13) — Supporters are rallying down a Sacramento teacher who was caught connected camera expressing his enactment for Antifa.

In September, Natomas Unified School District teacher Gabriel Gipe was placed connected paid administrative permission aft calls for his termination from dozens of parents. The committee took enactment Wednesday to determination guardant with officially firing Gipe.

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Since the video of the Inderkum High School teacher sparked calls for his firing, assemblage activistic and CEO of Ascribe Educational Consulting Sonia Lewis explained determination person been astatine slightest 100 radical who person called oregon written their enactment for the teacher.

“What I’m proceeding personally is that Mr. Gipe is simply a bully teacher, students are appreciative of his approach,” explained Lewis.

Gipe was tapped successful an off-campus speech by a right-wing enactment called Project Veritas prompting parents past period to request Gipe beryllium fired, but Lewis believes the calls are misguided.

“The anticipation is that they are fixed a assortment of policies and procedures and types of authorities truthful they tin beryllium analytical and planetary citizens,” she said. “I deliberation it sets a horrible precedence erstwhile we are talking astir the fearfulness teachers are feeling successful this infinitesimal astir ‘Do we thatch the information oregon not, who are we making comfy oregon not.'”

In the recording, Gipe is heard saying “I person an Antifa emblem connected my wall. A pupil complained astir that and said it made them consciousness uncomfortable. Well, it’s meant to marque fascists consciousness uncomfortable.’ ”

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The schoolhouse territory claims an probe revealed hundreds of pages of disciplinary charges demonstrating a signifier of inappropriate behaviour isolated from the video.

“There was an accusation that Mr. Gipe was terminated for the contented of the video. That is not true. After an investigation, Mr. Gipe was recommended for termination due to the fact that helium had violated galore policies, Education Code, and more. As we shared, determination are astir 400 pages of charges and evidence. Mr. Gipe was actively teaching pro-communism ideology successful a US Government class. Students interviewed shared however uncomfortable they felt successful his people based connected his teachings,” territory spokesperson Deidra Powell said successful a statement.

Civil rights lawyer Mark Merin believes the territory is not giving Gipe owed process.

“This is mostly a archetypal amendment question arsenic I spot it. If determination is thing successful his teaching that has raised immoderate questions, determination is simply a process for that. Normally, teachers are fixed guidance,” said Merin.

Both Merin and Lewis question the validity of the district’s claims of violations against Gipe and wherefore they were not addressed earlier.

“If Mr. Gipe is blameworthy of anything, that means his main is blameworthy of something, that means the idiosyncratic who is supra helium oregon she is blameworthy of thing due to the fact that that means they each dropped the ball,” explained Lewis.

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In the coming days, Gipe volition person a ceremonial missive of termination from the district, which helium volition person the accidental to appeal.

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