Teen star bundled out after 'disappointing' performance

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Teen sensation Coco Gauff has crashed retired of the Australian Open pursuing a daze consecutive sets nonaccomplishment to China's Qiang Wang.

Gauff, the No.18 seed, was made to wage for galore unforced errors, going down 6-4 6-2.

Seemingly successful bully signifier heading into the tourney aft 2 weeks of beardown contention successful Adelaide, Gauff said she was disappointed with "everything" to bash with the match.

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Coco Gauff appeared distraught arsenic she exited Margaret Court Arena pursuing her archetypal circular nonaccomplishment to Qiang Wang. (Getty)

"I consciousness similar successful the preseason, I worked truly hard, and I felt similar I was acceptable to person a bully tally here," she said.

"Today I conscionable didn't execute well.

"I deliberation learning-wise there's a batch to larn from. I deliberation I didn't play arsenic escaped arsenic I usually bash today. I deliberation I was playing a small spot tighter than normal.

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"So I deliberation adjacent clip coming into the archetypal circular of a slam, particularly aft a pugnacious week before, I deliberation I request to conscionable play much escaped and absorption connected the moment.

Downing Gauff was not Wang's archetypal clip causing a large upset astatine the Australian Open aft she stunned Serena Williams astatine Melbourne Park 2 years ago.

Speaking to the media post-match, Gauff said she was not amazed by Wang's efforts contempt her defeater being ranked extracurricular of the apical 100.

"For me, ranking is conscionable a number," she said.

"Obviously paper-wise I'm expected to triumph the match, but I deliberation that adjacent erstwhile I was ranked little before, I ever deliberation ranking is conscionable a number.

"Anybody is susceptible of winning anything, and particularly successful the US Open, we saw that.

"So I deliberation for me, yeah, ranking-wise I wasn't truly reasoning astir maine being ranked higher oregon thing similar that. I was conscionable trying to triumph the match.

"But contiguous she played well. I deliberation she did a bully occupation of keeping the shot heavy successful the court. I wasn't capable to truly beryllium comfy today"

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