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KELLER, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – As galore schoolhouse districts astir North Texas interruption records for COVID-19 lawsuit number numbers, truthful bash the numbers of parents looking for alternate schoolhouse options.

“Last year, we were virtual the archetypal fractional of the twelvemonth due to the fact that I thought that was safest and erstwhile I look backmost astatine however overmuch safer it was then…I deliberation ‘this is simply a horrible mistake!’” said Marti Shavor, a Keller ISD parent.

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Keller ISD’s COVID-19 dashboard connected Wednesday, Sept. 8, showed astir 1,000 progressive cases.

Though the fig is self-reported, leaving parents fearing the information could beryllium inaccurate with numbers adjacent higher.

“So you tin recognize our anxiousness close now, and however overmuch we are concerned,” said Priyanka Patel, a KISD parent.

KISD is not requiring masks and says they don’t program to sermon the enactment astatine immoderate upcoming schoolhouse committee meeting.

“It’s conscionable frustrating. This year, dealing with delta, we should beryllium doing more. Delta is much contagious,” Shavor said.

On Friday the Texas Education Agency reported astatine slightest 55 schoolhouse districts successful Texas had 1 oregon much of their schools closed owed to COVID-19 since the opening of the schoolhouse year.

Fast guardant to Wednesday, and 14 much schoolhouse districts person been added, present 70 successful total.

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It’s the crushed Tim Lambert, the President of the Texas Home School Coalition, believes much parents are turning to different options.

“Basically a batch of radical are saying we would ne'er person homeschooled but for each these uncertainties,” Lambert said.

Across the state, involvement successful homeschooling is starting to peak.

According to census bureau data, astatine the extremity of past schoolhouse twelvemonth lone 4.5% of Texas students were homeschooled.

Last fall, that fig roseate to 12.3%.

Now, the Texas Home School Coalition is estimating this fall, a grounds 20% of students whitethorn beryllium homeschooled.

“This is unprecedented,” Lambert said.

They accidental inquiries astir homeschooling person tripled since past summertime and galore of those colors are coming from the astir populated parts of the state, including successful North Texas.

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“There’s nary question that homeschooling is present to enactment and those inclination lines are parabolic,” Lambert said.

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