The 6 best goal-setting apps for work and life outside the cubicle

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From apps with coaching built successful to gamified goal-setting options, present are 6 of the champion goal-setting apps for nonrecreational and idiosyncratic growth.


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During the engaged workday oregon portion juggling a loaded idiosyncratic itinerary, staying connected apical of a laundry database of to-dos tin beryllium challenging. There are a fig of goal-setting apps connected the marketplace to assistance radical acceptable goals, travel their advancement and clasp themselves accountable to these targets. From apps with coaching capabilities built successful to gamified offerings, present are immoderate of the champion goal-setting apps for idiosyncratic and nonrecreational growth.

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Habitica app

Overall, Habitica gamifies tasks and goals successful an effort to physique healthier habits. The app uses a pastiche over-pixelated interface and gameplay resembling console classics of yesteryear a la Zelda. Within the app, you tin make and way habits, goals and to-do lists, and past entree caller gaming features arsenic you implicit these tasks. These unlocked features heighten gameplay with conflict armor and magic skills and unfastened the doorway to caller quests. Habitica is disposable connected the App Store and Google Play.


Productive is simply a wont tracking app designed to assistance radical cheque disconnected assorted tasks and to-dos successful their time to day. The interface offers plentifulness of customization truthful radical tin make tasks circumstantial to them and delegate icons and colour schemes arsenic desired. The app allows radical to way their show and those so-inclined tin instrumentality portion successful play challenges.

To get the process started, the app volition inquire radical a bid of questions to recognize their habits and regular specified arsenic their wake-up time, procrastination tendencies, trouble with attraction and more. Productive is disposable connected the App Store and Google Play.


The Atracker app is simply a coagulated goal-setting and habit-tracking app. The app lets you make and way assorted goals and way the magnitude of clip dedicated to circumstantial taps with the property of a button. This clip logged tin beryllium viewed successful database formats oregon a calendar depending connected penchant and the reporting diagnostic provides a granular look astatine semipermanent performance. Atracker is disposable connected the App Store and Google Play.

As its sanction suggests, the app is simply a goal-setting app with coaching opportunities built in. The app lets radical way habits and tasks and acceptable play targets for each. The app besides provides coaching to assistance radical conscionable their goals and radical tin besides get feedback from different members of the app community. is disposable connected the App Store and Google Play.


Similar to different offerings connected this list, the HabitBull app lets radical way habits and acceptable goals. To get the process started, radical volition archetypal request to prime a wont and acceptable however they'd similar to way this. For example, immoderate habits could beryllium much readily tracked via a elemental "yes" oregon "no," portion others volition request to beryllium tallied.

The app comes loaded with a fig of preset habits with categories ranging from wellness and self-improvement to options for enactment and studying. The acceptable reminders assistance radical enactment connected gait to conscionable their goals and graphs supply elaborate show metrics. There's besides an disposable Android widget to assistance radical easy log accusation connected the go. HabitBull is disposable connected the App Store and Google Play.

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We antecedently included the Streaks app connected our roundup of the best productivity apps and the enactment is surely worthy a look for radical connected the marketplace for a goal-setting app. Similar to different apps connected this list, Streaks helps radical way tasks, show advancement and support way of "streaks." 

The app boasts a vivid, minimalist chic interface without skimping connected the information oregon overcomplicating the show of these metrics. People tin log ongoing "streaks" and gauge their semipermanent show toward their goals. Streaks is disposable connected the App Store and Google Play.

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