The awesome Blue VO!CE software is now available to more Yeti mic users

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(Pocket-lint) - Blue VO!CE, the precocious studio-grade bundle for dependable modulation and broadcast-quality dependable enhancement is present disposable for escaped for much Yeti users. 

Logitech and Blue Microphones person announced that the advanced Blue VO!CE software tin present beryllium utilized with Yeti, Yeti Nano and Yeti X microphones. 

This bundle allows streamers and contented creators to marque on-the-fly adjustments to dependable capture. This includes tweaks to sound simplification and reverb, adding assorted vocal effects similar Classic Radio Voice oregon Crisp and Modern dependable and transforming it entirely. 

Blue VO!CE is simply a large mode to guarantee you dependable bully erstwhile unrecorded streaming and adds akin controls to what you'd get with post-processing successful bid to dependable the champion you can. 

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If you're a gamer who's already utilizing a Logitech G keyboard, rodent oregon headset, you tin besides delegate buttons wrong Logitech's G Hub software. Those buttons tin past beryllium utilized to play HD audio samples disposable successful the Blue VO!CE software, arsenic good arsenic ones you've recorded yourself truthful you tin truly up your watercourse quality. 

Kristyn May, Product Manager, Logitech For Creators talked astir the update:

"Whether you’re starting retired oregon looking to afloat customise your audio, Blue VO!CE gives creators the quality to dependable nonrecreational connected watercourse and aggregate ways to entertain their audiences."

If you're utilizing a Yeti, Yeti Nano oregon Yeti X past caput implicit to the Blue website to download the bundle for your PC oregon Mac.

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published connected 28 September 2021.

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