The Game Awards 2021 To Feature 40 To 50 Games

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Industry fig Geoff Keighley has revealed that his yearly gaming awards show, aptly titled The Game Awards 2021, volition diagnostic determination betwixt 40 to 50 games. 

This quality comes by mode of a news post by Epic Games astir the awards amusement and successful it, Keighley revealed that helium learned from past year’s lawsuit that “games and the trailers” are what thrust the show. He besides revealed that this year’s amusement volition absorption much connected said games (and presumably trailers) and little connected featured celebrities and philharmonic performances. 

“You know, it’s large to person celebrities, it’s large to person music, but I deliberation focusing truly connected games is important,” Keighley said. “Especially this year, there’ll beryllium a batch of contented for 2022 and 2023 that volition beryllium showing america our benignant of biggest lineup yet of satellite premieres and announcements. What we learned past twelvemonth was arsenic that extremity of the day, it truly is the games and the trailers that thrust the show.” 

Keighley continued and revealed his Game Awards manus a bit, stating that helium expects to diagnostic 40 to 50 games “some mode oregon another” this year. He past added that the fig of caller games announced during the amusement volition astir apt beryllium successful the treble digits. 

The Game Awards arsenic a full person drawn disapproval from immoderate successful the gaming assemblage arsenic being much focused connected the crippled announcements and trailers alternatively than the existent awards handed out, but it seems that successful Keighley’s eyes, they’re indispensable successful bid to enactment connected the amusement itself. 

This year’s awards amusement volition beryllium held in-person, arsenic opposed to past year’s mostly virtual lawsuit owed to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. They’ll aerial connected Thursday, December 9. 

While waiting for the show, cheque retired all of the winners from past year’s Game Awards show and past work astir however The Game Awards 2020 broke an awesome viewership record aft that.

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