The Gunk Steps Back Into The Spotlight With New Gameplay, Coming In December

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During today's Xbox Gamescom 2021 stream, The Gunk re-emerged, showing disconnected gameplay and revealing plans for a December launch.

The Gunk comes from the creators of the SteamWorld series. You play as Rani, 1 fractional of a space-hauling duo mining the postulation for immoderate resources to survive. However, erstwhile she lands connected a seemingly barren planet, she gets much than she bargained for with the gunk, which could mean a large payout. However, there's conscionable 1 problem. The Gunk is besides harming the planet, starring her and her spouse to question if they should interfere with thing they don't understand. 

Exploration is simply a large portion of the experience, arsenic you'll marque caller discoveries astir the satellite by scanning the country and stumble connected various biomes, from a rocky canyon portion to a dense jungle. Once you destruct the gunk utilizing Rani's trusty upgradeable prosthetic power-glove, these antithetic biomes retain their beauty. You tin ticker the trailer above, which showcases the breathtaking sights of the satellite erstwhile the gunk is gone, and however overmuch darker and bleak things look erstwhile it's around. 

The Gunk is acceptable to motorboat this December for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. It is besides acceptable to look connected Game Pass connected time one. 

You tin find retired much astir the crippled from the developer here.

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