The Mole: Family tragedy strikes stranded Sivo

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Eels prima Maika Sivo has been near devastated by the abrupt decease of his 13-year-old member successful his homeland of Fiji.

Luva Sivo died past week aft a enigma corruption and an autopsy volition beryllium held to observe the nonstop origin of the tragedy.

Sivo is inactive successful Sydney aft caller genu country and is improbable to beryllium capable to alert location to Fiji for the ceremonial owed to COVID restrictions.

"Maika is people shattered," a root adjacent to the prima winger said.

"The household are each precise adjacent - his dada is the curate successful their small colony - and it is conscionable precise sad."

The Eels wore achromatic armbands arsenic a people of respect successful the crippled against Penrith past weekend.

Maika Sivo of the Eels runs the shot during the circular 2 NRL lucifer betwixt the Gold Coast Titans (Getty)


St George Illawarra manager Anthony Griffin risks wholly alienating the playing radical if helium punts seasoned back-rower Tariq Sims for adjacent season.

The club's acting skipper and a existent State of Origin player, Sims has been told helium is escaped to negociate with rival clubs - codification for "we don't truly privation you".

The prima back-rower was hoping for a declaration hold beyond adjacent play but instead was deed with that sledgehammer stroke by the club.

Sims is among the astir respected players astatine the Dragons - a existent person and relation model.

St George Illawarra second-rower Tariq Sims. (Getty)

He has been near devastated by the Dragons' determination but is maintaining a dignified soundlessness arsenic his aboriginal hangs successful the balance.

There is already a rift betwixt Griffin and his players aft immoderate questionable decisions from the manager passim 2021.

Significantly, players did not invitation Sims to the infamous 'Barbecue-gate' enactment that derailed their play - due to the fact that they knew helium would person told them to bash the close happening and obey COVID protocols.

That is the benignant of idiosyncratic the Dragons request - and helium is virtually being shown the door.

Despite an awesome roster, the Dragons were erstwhile again large under-performers, crashing retired of finals contention aft a promising start.

Tariq Sims could beryllium connected the mode retired of the Dragons (Getty)


The younger member of James 'Jimmy the Jet' Roberts is successful precocious request aft a sizzling show successful past week's last of the Queensland Schoolboys competition.

Michael Roberts, a classy 17-year-old inferior back, won the rubric for Palm Beach with a superb magnitude of the tract effort successful the dying stages of the game.

The youngster is contracted to the Titans for adjacent play but is escaped to speech to rival clubs from November 1 - and clubs are already queueing up for a chat.

Roberts tin play five-eighth oregon fullback and is each spot arsenic accelerated arsenic his brother.

James Roberts. (Getty)

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