The moon's magnetic field may have been altered by huge sinking rocks

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There’s a caller mentation for the moon’s erstwhile magnetic field, and it involves 60-kilometre-wide slabs of stone sinking done the lunar mantle

Space 13 January 2022

By Matthew Sparkes

The moon

The satellite erstwhile had a comparatively beardown magnetic field


Moon rocks collected by the Apollo missions sparked a enigma due to the fact that they showed signs of having formed nether a magnetic tract arsenic beardown arsenic Earth’s, but it was unclear however a assemblage arsenic tiny arsenic the satellite could person created specified a field. Now determination is simply a imaginable solution.

Alexander Evans astatine Brown University successful Rhode Island and Sonia Tikoo astatine Stanford University successful California suggest that elephantine rocks arsenic ample arsenic 60 kilometres crossed erstwhile sank done the moon’s mantle …

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