The most reliable Apple leaker just confirmed the iPhone 14 will be completely redesigned next year

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(Pocket-lint) - Mark Gurman, 1 of the astir reliable Apple leakers of the past decade, has corroborated immoderate sketchy reports that surfaced recently, claiming adjacent year’s iPhone 14 lineup volition diagnostic an wholly caller plan - including the long-awaited full removal of the infamous notch. 

Gurman, who mostly doesn’t study connected upcoming products from Apple unless determination is immoderate genuine authenticity to it, claims that Apple engineers are taking their clip with features that person been brewing for a fistful of years now. He justifies the comparatively humble upgrade featured connected the iPhone 13 bid by claiming they “mean that Apple’s engineers were moving down the scenes connected bigger things that volition instrumentality much time”. 

While the specifics of the redesign weren’t elaborate successful full, Gurman did look to corroborate Apple’s upcoming prime to power from the smaller, much compactly redesigned notch featured successful this year’s iPhone 13 lineup to a much Android-y similar hole-punch display. 

As for wherever the Face ID sensors are going to lie, the existent knowing is that the IR blaster tech utilized for Face ID works without contented sitting hidden nether the display, but the front-facing camera is different story. Poor representation prime ails each azygous under-display camera connected the market, and with Apple truthful keen connected touting the iPhone arsenic the precise champion camera strategy disposable connected a smartphone, compromising that seems similar a nonstarter for the company. 

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Early indications look to constituent to the iPhone 14 Pro bid looking thing similar Jon Prosser's archetypal leak.

Other rumours, similar the study by Jon Prosser published earlier this month, look to bespeak that Apple is readying connected besides yet flattening retired the extruding camera module the institution has truthful provocatively introduced ever since the iPhone 6 of 2014. However, with the ever-increasing upgrades seen to the iPhone camera strategy each year, it seems astir intolerable that Apple volition fig retired a mode to clasp the prime of the existent strategy without importantly expanding the already-growing thickness of the iPhone.  

And finally, rumours are besides pointing to Apple ditching the iPhone mini exemplary adjacent twelvemonth to alternatively absorption connected a bigger caller modular iPhone 14 enactment that brings its size successful enactment with the larger Pro Max. A power from an iPhone mini enactment to an iPhone Max offering feels similar each but a warrant astatine this point, arsenic debased income person ever seemed to plague the smaller iPhone lineup. 

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